Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This post discusses C.S. Lewis' literary group the Inklings and his pipe smoking preferences.

HT: Brandon Vogt

From a podcast from Research on Religion I learned from Bob Subrick of James Madison University that Hayek, in his childhood, had a real affinity towards the Bible. His parents who were not religious would dissuade him from church-going would take picnics to the park on Sundays. What a strange method ---might we have had Hayek the theologian? (No link to Subrick's working paper).

In a recent article from National Review Online Jay Nordlinger wrote an article called "Looking for Lefty" (the link is here but it's behind a wall). In the article Nordlinger is seeking a voice from the Left that can provide their best arguments --- hold the snark, ad hominem attacks, and psychosis. He writes for the need for a voice from the other side, "I know there must be fiber in our diets. We cannot just consume journalistic and political ice cream." But, he is fed up with a number of the left's sources. For example, he told a story about how he kicked the New Yorker to the curb when they published an article about the movie "8 Mile" that stated that conservatives disliked interracial friendships. He has other similar stories for different rags. But, he is resolved to find that lefty he can rely on to give him the good positions. He wonders whether he might have found that in the Guardian. 

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