Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Do Not Swear By Heaven....

A simple "Yes" or "No" will do.



Will. Somebody. Please. Show. Me. How. To. Block. The. Google. Soccer. Doodles.

Cannot. Take. This. Anymore.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rise of the Humans

According to a Wall Street Journal article today on Page C3 ("London Hangs on to Ring" by Laura Clarke), the London Metal Exchange has decided to keep its face-to-face open outcry market process. This is in an era in which computerized trading has replaced face-to-face open outcry systems in a number of exchanges. I really liked the comment of Robin Bahr:

"I think it's a very efficient price-discovery process.....There's a feeling that it's transparent, people can see it. You get a good feel for how trading is taking place because your traders are facing each other on the floor."

Sounds like a dissertation topic for a student in experimental economics.