Friday, May 29, 2009


This past year has been a tremendous learning experience for me. This "Assistant in Experimental Economics" position is my first full time position and learning how to be a teacher as well as a researcher (which is short hand for someone who asks interesting questions and chases down the answers) has certainly consumed some time. Those of you that know me also know that I am recently married and just returned from our honeymoon. Being married is terrific, though the reality has not completely sunk in yet.

Most people do this at New Years, but anytime is a good time for new beginnings. Time to turn a critical eye: A couple months ago I revisited the site and noticed that the earlier writings were very high in quality with solid questions and well laid out inquiries, challenges, and theses. My most recent posts however have been less journalistic, more off-the-cuff and less substantive. I do not wish to settle for mediocrity. Also, the posts have been erratic at best and I know that we have lost a large amount of readership due to this inconsistency.

I have said this in the past, but, I will write one post per week. Everyone intends to keep their promises and do this with greater consistency than others. But, like Soloman writes in Ecclesiastes, "It is better to say nothing than to make a promise and not keep it." (NLT) So, if I am to pronounce a benediction upon myself, "May the promises from my lips be supported by a heart that says, "I will"." Also, I am praying that these inquiries are spirit filled and wholesome, but vigorous in their pursuit of what is right and good.

I will be posting on Fridays each week and I hope that you all will be reading and look forward to any comments that you might have on the topics.