Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Good Link

With the exception (see below) of my strong dislike of Woodrow Wilson and Harry Emerson Fosdick, I try not to blog very often on specific people or on specific individuals' theology. However, it must be be the freakish cold weather here in Tallahassee that has me in the mood to bend my rules. First, earlier today  I posted another jeremiad against poor Woodrow Wilson (by the way, did I ever mention that Wilson's administration brought Jim Crow segregation to Washington, D.C.? Oh, I did? OK.) Now, I want to link to an excellent discussion against a specific theology. From the IFWE blog, here is an excellent discussion arguing against the so-called "prosperity gospel." If you enjoy it, please feel free to browse the entire IFWE blog site. (Full disclosure, I have been a contributor to and grant recipient from IFWE).

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