Monday, October 7, 2013

What was the question again, Art*?

Sorry for going all JEOPARDY! on the readers with yesterday's post about the person who wanted other people to have expanded access to health insurance, but she didn't realize that she would be the one to pay for it. That quote lined up with a number of standard economic lessons, which gives me the chance to summarize them in a series of posts:

1 ) In static equilibrium analysis, the "no-free-lunch" postulate.

2 ) In discussion of dynamic reform, the difference between Pareto optimality and Pareto improvement.

3 ) The "Public Choice" of taxation and regulation.

4 ) And, most extensively, the economics of health insurance.

More to follow.

* Hard core game show geeks will recall that the original host of JEOPARDY! was Art Fleming.

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