Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Links 5/27

Like the Florida ground my blogging activities have run into a dry spell; however, like the Florida weather, the forecast is looking much better. In the next couple of weeks I should have a blog post regarding minimum wage v. the earned income tax credit as well as a few book reviews and some other misc. material. For now, the Friday Links should suffice.

On May 19th one of my favorite blogs, Aid Watch, penned its swan song. The posts were frequently insightful, sometimes sarcastic, but most of all, they were never dull. The blog achieved its objective of bringing more attention to the economics of development and whether our various attempts to help those in less developed countries really worked. For interested people, the search function on the blog will allow you to cull the archives for some very thoughtful material.

An article about an economist, Tyler Cowen, who writes for another one of my favorite blogs Marginal Revolution. He's very interesting, just read it.

This article appeared in the Boston Globe some time ago; however, I just discovered it. This article makes me proud that economists can help solve such problems as matching medical residents to residencies, children to particular schools, or kidneys to in-need medical patients. However, the crown of "society's mechanics" is not one we should bear without a nod to humility and our own limitations. (Also, the article mentions FSU professor David Cooper)


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