Monday, April 25, 2011


This academic year at the FSU Wesley Foundation we had full-court coverage of the Bible. Beginning in the fall we learned about Act 1: The creative process and the declaration that God saw everything created as "good". Then, we learned about Act 2: The serpent spins a story that causes Adam and Eve to believe God is holding out on them. The Fall. Finally, we learned about Act 3: The longest of all the acts this is the story of redemption. Since The Fall we can see through the law and prophets how God worked to bring His people back to Him. On Sunday we celebrated the culmination of Act 3, the ressurection. The theme this year for Easter was HOPE. Not some wishy-washy, "Gee, I hope this turns out well." Not some "wishing upon a star". Not flimsy. The hope we have in Christ is sturdy and doesn't disappoint. Because He loved us and because His love can transform our hearts and minds we have hope. Let's hope for a better world.

***On a personal note I feel the need to tell more hopeful stories in my class. Reports of failure in compassionate activities abound and serve as warnings about what not to do. However, success is also instructive and far more hopeful. 

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