Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Links 2/11

This is a new wrinkle in the blog. On Fridays I will post links to interesting reading material that popped up throughout the week. Akin to a rummage sale, there will hopefully be something worthwhile in the pile.

Price Ceilings: Ok, this is old news; however, students tend to pay more attention to recent examples (rather than 1970s gas prices). Shortages caused by price ceilings are not fictional fairy tales or things of bygone eras. Ethiopia recently set price ceilings on a number of basic food items. The result? This article sounds the same as theory would predict.

Free Media: Currently Mark and I are writing an article about the LAPD and how William Parker reversed a culture of serious corruption. Corruption is a serious problem in developing economies. Media is one important missing link in helping citizens hold corrupt government officials accountable. Free African Media is a new media center that is helping to provide unbiased information to the continent. Here is their About Us page.

Tribalism: Moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt turns tribalism on its head in his plenary talk to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. How much are conservatives discriminated against in academia?

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