Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Letter to Marco Rubio (altered for my other representatives)

Thank you for your candor during the election process. My hope, along with many others, is that you take this opportunity to lead. Like you have said, "This is a second chance." Great things cannot be accomplished unless others understand this same urgency. There are three reforms I would like to submit to you that are simple but very important:

1. No Last Minute Amendments - Last minute amendments frequently slide favors into legislation, or, distort bills before they're voted upon. Remember, the devil is always in the details and small changes matter big time.

2. Transparency with Data - There is a growing movement worldwide (and by Rep. Jeff Flake with an Investigation Subcomittee): Outcomes should be at least as considered as intentions. In order to obtain insight about outcomes we need data. Transparency allows for independent investigation with this data.

3. Filibuster Reforms (rules changes generally) - Dem. Jeff Merkeley is spearheading filibuster reform. Even though this is a blatant attempt to reduce the power of a now more balanced Republican presence I do not disagree with the need for reform. Filibusters drown out debate.

Better rules for political discourse and accountability could be a major platform for Republicans in the future. We need better rules for better governance.

What I wanted to include but didn't (the letter was getting long)
Also, this is no small task, but, repealing the massive farm subsidies which form the largest corporate welfare program in America. Economists who don't agree on everything, overwhelmingly agree that these are a drag on the economy. Moreover, every president since at least Reagan has attempted to reduce farm subsidies and been unsuccessful.

Especially with the first three reforms these are rules that would encourage debate, honesty, and responsibility. Please consider this voters suggestions for what I'm sure will be an excellent senatorial career.

Doug Norton

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