Sunday, November 14, 2010

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

My friend Brad Hansen once preached on the difference between happiness and joy. I think the following is an example.

I'm happy that the FSU Seminoles came from behind to beat the Clemson Tigers last night.

On the other hand, I would like to thank the Clemson marching band for making it such a joyful evening. First, they not only traveled to support their team and fans, but they prepared a halftime show for their guests. Secondly, their halftime show, a tribute to great music of the past, opened with the classic hymn "All Creatures of Our God and King." The second tune was the theme from Beethoven's symphonic ode to joy, which of course became the adapted tune for the hymn "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee."

So, in the midst of this 80,000 person secular worship that we call American College Football, there were at least four people on their cellphones dialing up the lyrics, authors, and stories of Great Hymns of the Church.


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