Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm An Economist. Oh, Reilly?

This post is for the economists out there. The following is a partial transcript of John Stossel's appearance last night on The O'Reilly Factor (as posted on the Fox News web site).

"STOSSEL: And that's central planning. And the important thing about that, Hayek said this, is when government....

O'REILLY: Hayek?

STOSSEL: Frederick Hayek, the economist.

O'REILLY: Hayek?

STOSSEL: Hayek."

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Doug said...

Initially I was amused by the fact that O'Reilly didn't know who Frederich Hayek was; but, then I become somewhat sad because I realized that is a commentary on the influence of Hayek's thought.
There are glimmers of hope that his ideas are making it in more mainstream settings though. I read a Washington Post article several months ago that said Hayek's book "Road to Serfdom" is selling at a really high volume since Obama took office. And, that was even before the viral You Tube Video "Fear the Boom and Bust" came out. Some people in the Texas School Board wanted to include Hayek in their economics curriculum, etc.