Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Bonus...

....nor, for that matter, steal it back, nor declare falsely about whether you knew that the bonuses were not only legal but specifically protected by your own legislation. If you are really careful, you might even be cautious about bowing down to the false God of valuing whatever the overnight tracking polls are saying.

If we think the 10th Commandment is just about oxes and donkeys were are deluding ourselves. If we think that our "neighbor" is just someone who lives on our block, then we've probably never read any of the Gospel, becuase she is also that Samaritan in suburban New York who was asked to stay on a job at a dying company (something my Dad was once asked to do). It is precisely because we think that it seems so obvious that "I don't like that the stranger far away has that bonus" that we need to tread very carefully.

Finally, as has been a constant theme in my posts, it seems to me that where the Lord really gets upset is when these sins are enabled by the forces available to the powerful. Or, as Protein Wisdom currently puts it, "They came for the AIG bonuses, but I was not an AIG employee..." (My thanks to Instapundit for pointing out the link).

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