Sunday, January 18, 2009

Unintended Consequences Part 10,000

Like to flex your social justice street creds by giving toys from Ten-Thousand Villages? So, what will happen to their hand-made toy section when the latest feel-good consumer protection Frankenlaw kicks in in just a few weeks? This is the law that requires pre-testing of almost anything (toys, books, clothing, etc.) that is intended to end up in "children's" hands, and it is threatening to torpedo everything from school logo clothing items to the children's section of libraries. But don't worry, the people repsonsible for the law say that volunteering at your favorite charity thrift shop with all of those untested used or hand-made toys and kids' clothing has a low probability of landing you in jail. Don't you feel better? (Thanks to Instapundit for the lead on this article).

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