Friday, July 11, 2008

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

World magazine continues to provide a public benefit to the non-profit community by their interest in accountability and transparency for evangelical Christian missions and organizations. In this week's issue, in an article titled "What Would Jesus Fly?," they look at the issue of Christian non-profits that operate private jets for senior personnel. They not only list the organizations and their planes in specific detail, they give the organizations an opportunity to respond as to why expensive private jet service is considered an essential part of the mission of the organization (in most cases, even sending people on full-freight, full-frills, first-class airline tickets is cheaper than operating private jets). Whether you agree or disagree with their conclusions, having a large organization lower the cost of gathering information for faithful stewardship for Christians is a good thing.

The article makes plain (sorry) that they are not questioning Christian mission and care organizations that use utilitarian air transport for things such as delivering food and medical supplies in hard to reach parts of the world.

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