Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oscar Elias Biscet

Jeff Jacoby writes in today’s Boston Globe about the horrific fate of Cuban Christian dissident Oscar Elias Biscet. President Bush will honor Dr. Biscet with the Presidential Medal of Freedom tomorrow. Unfortunately, given that Dr. Biscet is a prisoner in one of Castro’s squalid prisons for “disrespecting patriotic symbols” and speaking out against the regime, he will be unable to receive the prize in person. I had heard about Dr. Biscet, but I had not realized that his initial confrontation with the Castro regime was over the Cuban government’s abortion policy.

Is there anything that we can do? We should keep these brave, faithful believers in our prayers, and continue to make their plight part of our public conversation. Also, please read the Jacoby article [warning, it is explicit about the violence], and share a copy with anyone you know who wears a trendy “Che” t-shirt.

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