Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Irresistible Revolution Part 2

Shane Claiborne found love in Calcutta amidst poverty and leper colonies. No, this isn't a Bollywood script but one man's earnest search to discover whether Jesus really meant what he said. After three years in Philadelphia at Eastern College, some run ins with an agitated Archdiocese and a budding church community in the poorest of the poor Philly neighborhoods, he joined the Missionaries of Charity. It was known, Mother Teresa was practically a saint, she operated on some different level. However, he found there were many Mother Teresa's without much acclaim. He found a different way of life, a different sort of love.

Where I'm at in the book he has taken that love back with him to the states. He finished up his last year of college at Wheaton and as an intern at 150 acre suburban Chicago mega church Willow Creek. He's living back in Philadelphia in a communal living environment, a
501c3 antiprofit known as The Simple Way

You should check out the website. As I mentioned in the last post about the Irresistible Revolution I probably wouldn't agree with everything he had to say, such as his writing about fair trade coffee beans (See my previous post titled Non Profits Part 2 in June). However, the alternative economy that he talks about where there is a dislike for conspicuous consumption and a love for community and determination as an advocate against poverty is right up my alley. The coolest part is that so much of what he writes about he's discovered through personal experience. He does have a fire in his belly and I pray that I stay inspired to want to fight for this cause.

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D.O. said...

Hey if you're a fan of Shane Claiborne and his book, then you should really check out the Another World is Possible DVD series. It's a multimedia project by Shane Claiborne and Jamie Moffett (co-founders of the Simple Way) that emerged in response to their belief that things are not right in the world, and that they don't have to stay that way. There are three DVD's, one on war, one on poverty, and one on creation. You can find out more about them at