Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not just the first post of the day, but the first post of the first day of this blog. Doug and I have spent the past three months on what seemed like an insane project, writing a popular book about faith and economics for missional Christians. Well, the book is completed, at least until the first publisher gets a hold of it. The purpose of Wise as Serpents is to continue the discussions in our book to ongoing examples of issues in Christian compassion. We may include some excerpts from the book, which includes everything from the Land Promise to Brian Wilson to the Gong Show.


Missional Jerry said...

welcome to the conversation

thmere said...

I must say as a former student of Mark's and a friend of Doug's I am very curious to see how you link economics and faith in the book. The only link i've ever heard between the two was from my 1st economics professor who said "church attendance should be an economic indicator" high attendance=recession, low attendance=econ. boom
least that was the theory. Anyway good luck!